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Last Letter First

A fun ESL Warmer with a range of variations that will test your students vocabulary.

Big City

The Big City ESL lesson plan teaches your young learners all about the city they live in.

Body Parts

A series of four ESL lesson plans (approx 1 hour each) that teach 5-7 year old students about the human body.

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ESL Lesson Plan: Sea Critters

This ESL Lesson series contains 3 individual ESL Lesson plans that are approximately an hour in duration each and are aimed towards 5 - 7 year olds. The lesson plans cover a range of sea animals and also have some fun craft activities.

A Day at the Beach

ESL Lesson Plan - A day at the beach is a series of four, hour long lesson plans designed for ESL students aged 5-7.

ESL Lesson Plan: Pirates!

ESL Lesson Plan: Pirates - contains three lessons, each of about an hour in length. This ESL Lesson Plan is designed for beginner students of around 5 - 7 years of age.

Run & Slap

A fun team game for younger ESL students. This activity is suitable for phonics.

Congo Line

A simple and fun drill best used for younger ESL Students

Visual Mish-Mash

A fun game that can help your younger ESL students read and distinguish between the object and the word.


A fun ESL Activity for younger / beginner learners. It can be used as an ESL warmer, a language reinforcement activity of a fun final activity.

How much is it?

A fun ESL lesson plan based around student cooperation and bargaining. This lesson is fun and revolves around two sets of target language: "Do you have a..." and "How much is it?".

Short Stories

A quick activity for your ESL classroom that can be used to let your students explore the language and be creative. This activity give students the opportunity to practice their reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Yesterday I...

A simple activity for the ESL classroom that will help your students improve their memory and ability to create new sentences.